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Please see the note regarding Patriot's Bus Change:

Jan Radowicz

Dear Parents,

The Patriot’s bus route has been changed and the new route and times will take effect on Tuesday, October 9, 2018.  Please take note of the times which have been adjusted.  All the stops will remain the same with the exception of additional stops on Willey Road.  Thank you for your time and understanding.  Any questions please feel free to contact the transportation office at 652-0262 ext. 5.

Yours truly,

Timothy E. Eldridge

Transportation Coordinator


***Updated bus change as of October 9, 2018****


Route #2 – Team Patriots


6:20         Willey Road at the Milton and Wakefield town line

6:25         Willey Road onto Main Street

6:26         Main Street to Jug Hill Road

6:27         Jug Hill Road, near the Post Office at intersection            

6:29         Right onto Berry Road to Lovell Lake Road

6:32         Right onto Lovell Lake Road, Turn around at Oak Hill Road

6:39         Jug Hill Road at the Milton and Wakefield town line

6:43         Western Avenue and Church Street

6:45         Main Street to Applebee Road            

6:50         Applebee Road and Branch Hill Road

7:00         Arrive at Nute High School

Route #2 – Team Patriots PM


This route will start at Applebee Road and completes the route in reverse from the morning route. Applebee Road, Main Street, Jug Hill Road, etc.



7:30         Willey Road at the Milton and Wakefield town line

7:35         Main Street to Jug Hill Road                 

7:37         Jug Hill Road near the Post Office

7:40         Right onto Berry Road to Lovell Lake Road

7:46         Right onto Lovell Lake Road, Turn around at Oak Hill Road

7:50         Jug Hill Road at the Milton and Wakefield town line

7:55         Right onto Highland Avenue to Church Street to Main Street 

7:57         Main Street to Applebee Road

8:02         Applebee Road and Branch Hill Road

8:12         Arrive at Milton Elementary School






Supply Lists:
6th Grade

-3 folders (with pockets)
-a basic calculator (if possible)
-coloring supplies
-two two-pocket folders
-coloring supplies
-Book Covers

7th/8th Grade
Pencils, pencils, and more pencils. Composition Book
Social Studies: 
1  Notebook (preferable 5 subject)
Pens or Pencils (pens need to be blue or black ink)
Folder or binder
1 pack of colored pencils (for home)

High School 

General Supplies

Writing Utensils: Pens, Pencils, Highlighters, Erasers, Whiteout, etc.

Two Pocket Folders

Personal Pencil Sharpener

Note Cards

Cap Erasers

3-ring binder(s) with dividers and notebook paper, or  3-Subject or several 1-Subject Notebooks

A basic scientific calculator, such as TI-30X that has XY and 1/X



Nute High School Summer Reading, 2018

Attention, next year’s high schoolers, 

 This summer, you will read at least one book, depending on the level of your English class next year. Students who will take English for general level credit must read one book, college prep two books, and honors three books over summer break.

 In early September, your English teacher will tell you what to do for your summative assessment on your reading.

You may choose a book from the reading list on the school website, and the Nute library’s summer hours are Monday and Thursday from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and on Wednesday from 2 to 7 p.m.    

Be sure to choose a book that will interest you.  You would be wise to preview the book by reading the jacket of the book or the back and the first page to check for readability.  While reading your book, you will want to use sticky notes to mark meaningful or interesting passages or take notes to remember what you read.

Doug Decker

Nute High School & Library


************************************************************ In accordance with state regulations, special education records will be destroyed for individuals born before June 15th, 1993 who graduated from the Milton School District. The district will maintain a copy of the last IEP that was in effect prior to the student’s exit from special education until the student’s 60th birthday.

Any student who is interested in retrieving records before they are destroyed is asked to contact the Special Education Office at 652-4591  between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. prior to June 14, 2018.

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