Nute Middle and High School and Library 

22 Elm Street Milton, New Hampshire 03851
Phone: (603) 652-4591 Fax: (603) 652-9926
Principal: Jan Radowicz     Assistant Principal: Jennifer Leavitt
High School Counselor: Lisa Burrows
Middle School Counselor:  
Guidance Secretary/Registrar: Shari Gaueser
CEEB Code 300415

School Profile 16-17

Program of Studies 2017-2018

The School: Nute is a small school located in the rural community of Milton. The school is approved by the NewHampshire Department of Education and serves approximately370 students in grades 6-12. Nute uses mixed scheduling and grades are issued quarterly.

TheCurriculum: Course work is offered at the technical, college preparatory and honors level. Extended Learning opportunities including independent study, internships, Virtual Learning Academy,etc are offered on an individual basis. Students can also participate in Virtual High School, which offers over 180 classes in a variety of subjects, and at different levels including advance placement courses. Students attend career technical education classes through a Tri-City agreement with Dover,Rochester, and Somersworth schools of which several programs offer Running Start credit.

Standardized Testing: Students are encouraged to participate instandardized achievement and aptitude testing including PSAT/NMSQT,SAT I and II, Act and ASVAB. In addition, Nute administers theNorthwest Evaluation Association testing at least 1 time per year. Students must also participate in the NECAP testing as determined by the state.

Grading and Ranking System: Numerical grades are assigned to all high school course work. The minimum passing grade is 70. Nute utilizes a weighted grading system with quality points assigned to each course level.

Technical Preparatory 0 GPA Factor College Preparatory .3 GPA Factor Honors .4 GPA Factor
A+ = 98-100   B+= 91-92      C+ = 83-84     D + = 75-76
A = 95-97       B = 88-90        C = 80-82        D = 72-74
A- =93-94       B- = 85-87      C- = 77-79       D- = 70-71

Extracurricular Activities
Business Club, Drama, Yearbook Foreign Language Club,National Honor Society, Student Council, Chess Club, Friendsof Rachel

Athletics – Division IV
Soccer Basketball    Volleyball Spirit Squad    Baseball    Softball

Advanced Programs: Students are offered the opportunity to participate in the following advanced programs based on academic ability, leadership, and personal incentive: ProjectSEARCH, St. Paul’s Advanced Studies Program, Granite StateChallenge, and Girls State/Boys State.